Advantages of using Chemical Peels for Aging Skin and other Maladies

Chemical peels are widely used for skin treatment today and there are more pros than cons in using them. Chemical peels treat several skin afflictions with permanent cure too.

Chemical peels refer to chemexfoliation which hints at the technique which can easily enhance the appearance of the skin. While doing the treatment, the solution is applied to the skin which blisters and one can easily peel the layer off. The regenerated skin is mostly smooth and clear, better than the wrinkled face which was present before. The new skin also becomes too sun-sensitive due to exposure.

Treatment Options for Aging Skin

Doctors now have resurfacing options for treating aging skin. Those patients who reported early skin changes, and treatment which is not surgical, have reported to have treated their problem. Chemical peels may be used alone or can be used with surgical procedures for different degrees of sun damage on the face.

If there are deeper facial lines, they can be treated with botulinum toxin and enhanced soft tissues with the likes of collagen and Goretex implants. Those who have excess skin will always find it good when they need to do a facelift, browlift, or eyelid removal.

One needs to treat the skin depending on facial characteristics and also take into consideration any allergies and cosmetic concerns that the individual might be having.

Chemical Peel Treatments and their efficacy

  • Reduce fine eye lines and those around the mouth

  • Treat face wrinkles caused by damage due to sunlight, aging as well as personal medical problem

  • Remove skin scars and spots

  • Acne treatment and various other maladies

  • Reduce freckles and dark patches which might occur due to pregnancy

  • Improve the texture, look and feel of facial skin and enhance its color

Some skin areas might have pre-cancerous keratoses which might be present on some spots. These spots can be treated effectively with the help of chemical peeling. New lesions are not likely to appear again on the same places.

But severe wrinkles are not healed easily with chemical peels. Some cosmetic surgical procedures might be essential for treating them; the best treatments include laser resurfacing, eyelid lift, or even soft tissue filler. A dermatologist can be consulted for the best treatment available for each of the individual cases.

Generally, it is seen that most fair-skinned patients can find better relief from chemical peels. Darker skins also show good results from chemical peel treatment but it all depends on types of skin being treated.

Chemical peels are usually treated in a surgery center wherein the skin is well cleansed with lotions which removes the excess oils. Some effective acids are applied to affected areas on the face. There are controlled wounds which then give way to regenerated skin.

To prepare for chemical peel treatment, you might be advised for topical preconditioning medications. After the treatment, one needs to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen at all times.

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